Premade Covers


Whether you're looking for a cheaper alternative to having a custom cover designed for a book you've already written or need a cover to help inspire a book you want to write, premade covers are a fantastic option.


All the covers in this gallery are one-offs—once sold, they will not be sold again. All prices are in USD, and limited revisions are included.


Need a series but the premade you like doesn't have one? Not to worry! I make most of my premade covers with series branding in mind. The sequel will be charged as a custom cover (excluding sequels already available on this page) with a $25 discount. How cool is that?


If you need an audiobook, no problem! I can add one to your premade order for an additional $25.


Don't see what you're looking for? Hop over to the Pricing page to see my prices on custom cover design, or if you have questions, you can either use the contact form or shoot me a quick email at


Click a cover to see the details and its paperback.

To buy a premade cover, just click the "Ready to Order?" button above, fill out the form, and submit. Easy peasy.


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