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Maren Ferguson - Files

Project: The Sea Glass Trail (Totally Custom Cover + Basic Paperback)

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(Paid in full on 2017-04-20)

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What's inside:

Front (E-Book) Cover File:

  • Full-resolution JPEG

E-reader Graphic Files:

  • JPEG (white background)
  • PNG (transparent Background)

3D Paperback Graphic Files:

  • JPEG (white background)
  • PNG (transparent Background)

Basic Paperback Files:

  • Print-Ready JPEG
  • Print-Ready PDF


- The front cover (e-book) sample is not sized for Vellum (minimum size requirement is 1563 X 2500 pixels); an actual client file will be.

- The paperback sample files do not include bleeds; actual client files will.

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