Updated July 17, 2023

General Terms of Service & Liability

By hiring Sunset Rose Books (hereafter called SRB), you agree to abide by the policies described herein. By requesting services, you understand and agree that:

  • You hold all necessary rights and/or licenses to the material submitted for services, that the work is your own and you can legally sell the material, that the material is in no way plagiarized.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure accuracy of information provided in your material. SRB is not a fact-checking service and is therefore not responsible for the distribution of incorrect information or any negative feedback or legal action resulting from the distribution of incorrect information.
  • SRB is not responsible for any damages, losses, or costs whatsoever in the event of a lawsuit or dispute regarding your material.
  • SRB reserves the right to refuse service for any reason, including but not limited to inappropriate content (as deemed by SRB) or the inability to provide services within a reasonable time frame (as may occur when SRB receives too many requests for services).

Response & Turnaround Times

SRB will respond to initial orders and inquiries within 2 business days. Turnaround times vary depending on the complexity of the project you are ordering (see Pricing for details), but the maximum expected turnaround time is two weeks unless other arrangements are made between SRB and the client. Most projects will be completed in 1-5 days.

Licensing & Usage Information

Upon receipt of full payment, SRB grants you, the client, unlimited and exclusive license to use the final cover design files and associated promotional materials except where prohibited by stock image licensing. Please see the stock image site’s or sites’ licensing terms for these limitations (the sites used in the process of designing your cover will be noted on your invoice). SRB retains the right to use your final book cover design, name, and book title as well as any versions and variations created in the design process in SRB’s portfolio and to market and promote our services. SRB retains copyright and ownership of all design and draft materials.


You are granted a royalty free exclusive license for logos and branding packages and may use these images for commercial purposes. SRB must be contacted to make any alterations to the logo itself. For add-on designs or other custom designs that are not logos or book covers: you are issued an exclusive license to use the final files for the stated purpose only.


You understand that you have no right to alter the final cover design in any way except to change size for printing or digital display. If you desire any alterations, you will consult SRB. You understand that additional payments may be required to make these alterations.


SRB will provide a copy of the finalized files and you should store them safely as we are not required to keep them. However, SRB does try to archive at least the Photoshop files in the event any modifications are needed in the future, but there is no guarantee we will be able to store the files indefinitely. SRB will not provide any native source files (e.g. unaltered stock images, layered Photoshop files, font files, etc.) used in making the finalized files. Finalized files consist of ready-to-use artwork.


All stock images provided by SRB are sourced from reputable stock sites and are licensed to SRB and come with the stock image site’s “standard license”. If you would prefer to include the extended license, please note this in the initial design phase. Additional charges will apply, and the amount will vary depending on the price of the image’s extended license. If you provide the stock images, you are the license holder and by providing them, you acknowledge that SRB is not responsible for any damages incurred by incorrect or insufficient licensing. For more information about stock image licensing, see the licensing guidelines and requirements provided by the stock photography sites (SRB will let you know which sites are used in the creation of your project; most frequently, it will be Adobe Stock and/or Deposit Photos).


All fonts used by SRB are licensed for commercial use.


Font lists and stock image links are available upon request.


As of July 2023, SRB requires a 50% deposit to be paid prior to beginning work on your order. A deposit is not required to hold your spot in SRB’s schedule, only to begin work. The remainder of the invoice will need to be paid once a mock-up has been approved. Finalized files will not be sent until the invoice is paid in full.


All sales are final. SRB does not offer refunds for any product or service provided once final files have been sent.

Cancellation Policy

You or SRB may cancel an order at any time for any reason. If you cancel an order before SRB has begun work, your deposit will be refunded in full. If you cancel after work has begun on your order, you understand that you will forfeit that deposit to cover resources and time taken during the project up to the point of cancellation.


 By canceling, you understand that you forfeit all rights to any designs created prior to cancellation. You also understand that you have no rights to use or alter any designs and agree to destroy/permanently delete any mock-ups you have already received.


SRB requires cover design credit to appear in your book (preferably on the copyright page or on an acknowledgments page) as such: “Cover design by Sunset Rose Books”. Any links provided within your book should direct viewers to sunsetrosebooks.com


Most stock image sites also require credit (e.g. “Stock images © Adobe Stock” or “Stock images provided by Adobe Stock). You will need to check the stock image site’s requirements as some are more specific about phrasing than others. Which site was used in the design of your files will be noted on your invoice.


Email SRB at covers@sunsetrosebooks.com

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